Zach Wilson was traded to the Denver Broncos earlier this offseason after three disastrous seasons with the New York Jets, and is now in the mix to be the team’s starting quarterback

The Denver Broncos are mulling over the idea of having Zach Wilson as their starting quarterback next season.

The former New York Jets player is ‘in the mix’ alongside newly drafted Bo Nix, who the Broncos used their No. 12 pick on earlier this year. In a trade deal, the Broncos acquired Wilson and a 2024 seventh-round pick (No. 256) from the Jets in return for a 2024 sixth-round pick (No. 203).

Wilson was the No. 2 pick from BYU back in 2021, but after three tough seasons with the Jets, his departure was seen as the best move for all involved. Broncos head coach Sean Payton hasn’t made his quarterback selection yet, and it’s likely he’ll make a decision closer to the start of the 2024 season.

However, according to Bleacher Report, Wilson is very much in contention to kick off the new season as their No. 1. Denver is working on rebuilding Wilson’s confidence, which took a hit during his time at the Jets, particularly after he had to step up following a season-ending injury to Aaron Rodgers.

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The Jets had hoped that Wilson would learn from observing Rodgers and then take over once the veteran retired, but Rodgers’ unexpected injury dismantled that plan. Right from the very start Wilson was thrown into the deep end after being drafted in 2021, making 13 starts in his rookie season and going 3-10.

The following year he made just nine starts as his confidence began to wane, and there were several instances where Wilson was a healthy scratch on the gameday roster. Despite ending that year with a 5-4 record, it was clear that Wilson would be benched for a while when the Jets traded for Rodgers.

However, fans were left stunned when Rodgers’ season ended abruptly after just four snaps due to a torn Achilles in Week 1. Throughout the summer before, Wilson had been training as a No. 2, fully committed to their plan of learning from Rodgers before taking over in the future.

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The Jets expressed regret over trading him to the Broncos this summer, wishing things had turned out differently. But for both parties, and especially for Wilson, it was the right move. Now, Wilson has a fresh start in a new environment, working under Coach Payton. However, he’s up against Nix.

The Broncos placed their trust in the Oregon quarterback during the 2024 NFL Draft and further solidified their decision later in the event by trading up in the fourth round to secure the 102nd pick and select wide receiver Troy Franklin. Both Nix and Franklin hail from Oregon, and the Broncos were eager to keep the offensive duo together.

Courtland Sutton, the star receiver, spoke highly of Nix’s performances in OTAs so far, which could make coach Payton’s decisions even more difficult. “Bo brings a lot of really good qualities to our team in terms of the quarterback position,” Sutton expressed, as per DNVR Sports.

“He does a lot of things really, really well on the field. … He has that leader mentality, that aura that he walks with.”

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