A woman is feeling ‘put off’ after a recent date with a man she met online, as although they got on ‘really well’, there’s somthing about him she just can’t overlook

A woman has revealed she’s considering ditching the ‘perfect man’ because of one unfortunate habit.

We all have traits we look for in a partner, and as much as we like to think we’re not shallow, some of the things we value most are physical. Whether you’re drawn to people with a certain hair colour or a specific body type, we all have our preferences.

But would you turn down a date with someone who failed to meet one of your criteria, even if they seemed perfect for you in other ways?

One woman on Mumsnet is thinking of doing just that with a man she recently met up with in person for the first time after they connected online. The anonymous dater said she “got on really well” with her date when they met, but there’s just one thing that’s putting her off pursuing a romance with him – he’s too short.

Although the woman is only 5’2″ and her date was taller than her, she still felt as though he wasn’t lanky enough for her liking. And while she admitted it was “shallow” of her to judge him based on his height, she isn’t sure she can face a second date with him.

She wrote: “I’ve met someone online. We had a date at the weekend and we got on really well. He’s quite short though. I feel so shallow for thinking like this, but I have always been attracted to taller men. I’m 5’2″ and he isn’t all that much taller than I am. Would this be an issue for you?”

Commenters on the post urged the woman to reconsider giving the bloke a second date and many said turning him down because of his height alone would be a mistake.

One person said: “I used to be like that until I met my husband, same height. For the first few dates it bothered me, by the fourth it was a non-issue. Push by the first few dates and see if there is something there, if it’s still bothering then you know to walk away.”

While another added: “Imagine in 10 years realising you turned down a second date with a guy you got on really well with because he was short. I feel sorry for people who think height is even in the top 20 most important characteristics for a partner.”

The woman later returned to the post and said she was “trying so hard” to push past his height, but insisted “you can’t help what attracts you to someone”. She also added her date has been messaging her constantly telling her that he “can’t wait” to see her again – which also put her off.

There were commenters who backed her up too, with some saying a date’s height could also make or break a potential relationship for them. One person wrote: “There is nothing wrong in having a preference for a particular physique. If you don’t like him, you don’t like him.”

But whatever the woman decides to do, one other poster argued: “Don’t mess him around though, it’s not fair on him. He deserves better than someone who is not that interested. Imagine the reverse, if a date made the same comments about you – or pushing past your height, your weight, your body shape.”

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